As audio engineers, we love it when a mix comes together easily. Nothing beats the feeling of pushing up the faders for the first time and realizing that you're already 90% there! We're here to help you achieve that goal, and we think our microphones and capsules will put you one big step closer, and hopefully make your life a little bit easier. Of course, you'll still need to sort out your room acoustics, monitors, converters, preamps, compressors, EQ's, fx, and make sure to record great songs and performers... easy!

High Quality Manufacturing and Design

All of our microphones and capsules are built here in North Carolina. This allows us to have full control over every aspect of the their construction. As a result, we've been able to fine tune our designs to the point where they rival the best microphone systems in the world, and that's no exaggeration!  

German Roots - American Quality

Heiserman Audio was founded in 2013, originally as one of the only US based large diaphragm microphone capsule manufacturers. After a few years of OEM and direct to client capsule sales, Eric Heiserman, with partner Matt Mitchell, decided that it was time to start making microphones as well. Eric brought in Nashville microphone specialist Dave Wheeler to design the electrical and mechanical internals for the first Heiserman microphone, the H47(fet). Eric, Dave and Matt worked together on the body hardware and came up with a
beautiful looking and sounding American made 47FET - a new modern classic

Next, the team engineered the first flagship mic, the H47tube. This valve mic has been hailed by many Grammy winning producers and engineers as the best modern, historically accurate, U47 reproduction. The original U47 was produced over a period of 16 years, during which time there were two different capsules, the K47 and the M7. Likewise, the Heiserman H47tube is available with a choice of capsules, the HK47 and the HM7. Each capsule made by Heiserman Audio is meticulously machined and tuned in house by the team. In 2020, Heiserman Audio released their first all original (not a historical recreation) microphone design - the Type-19. Originally designed as a rugged yet beautiful sounding
utility mic with incredible mojo, it quickly proved to be a fantastic unit for many studio duties from any position in a drum mic setup, to acoustic guitar, piano and even lead vocals.

Now, Heiserman Audio is introducing their new H251 microphone. This new hyperaccurate recreation has been engineered from top to bottom with all the experience and care the Heiserman team is known for. Eric and Dave spent years fine tuning the Hk12 capsule design and together with the stellar mic amp circuit and beautiful hardware, the Heiserman H251 is quickly becoming the “must have” mic for serious engineers and producers.