As audio engineers, we love it when a mix comes together easily. Nothing beats the feeling of pushing up the faders for the first time and realizing that you're already 90% there! We're here to help you achieve that goal, and we think our capsules will put you one big step closer, and hopefully make your life a little bit easier. Of course, you'll still need to sort out your room acoustics, monitors, converters, preamps, compressors, EQ's, fx, and make sure to record great songs and performers... easy peasy!

High Quality Manufacturing and Design

All of our capsules are machined and assembled here in North Carolina. This allows us to have full control over every aspect of the capsules' construction. As a result, we've been able to fine tune our designs to the point where they rival the best capsules in the world, and that's no exaggeration!  

A Little Backstory

Heiserman started in 2010 when Eric Heiserman took it upon himself to build a CNC machine for the purpose of making capsules. Intent on capturing the classic tones of the most famous mics in the world, Eric managed to reverse engineer several capsule designs. He soon began providing capsules for sale to the DIY community. 

In 2015, Eric partnered up with fellow audio engineer and gear builder, Matt Mitchell. The two continued to refine and develop Heiserman capsules, while also scaling up production capacity and developing new products.