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Our Tribute to the King

Possibly the most famous mic in the world, the U47 is worthy of its endless accolades. With its richly detailed, perfectly balanced tone, the U47 has earned its place as the king of microphones. The Heiserman H47tube is our tribute to the king.

  • Extensive side-by-side comparisons with a highly sought after vintage U47 allowed us to fine tune and dial in the exact components needed to perfectly match the tone. The H47tube sounds so close to the vintage mic that Grammy winning engineers have struggled to tell the two apart (see video below).

True to the Original

At Heiserman, we're a team of unabashed tone snobs, and when a mic sounds this good, it has to look the part too. From the integrated polar pattern switch to the exact dimensions of the headbasket mesh, this premium handmade mic stands toe-to-toe with any mic that claims the U47 heritage.

Whether you're an experienced pro or new to the U47, you'll appreciate the attention to detail and the premium touches that make the H47tube look and feel as good as it sounds. From top to bottom, it doesn't get any better than this!

Two Capsule Options

The original U47 was produced over a period of 16 years, during which time there were two different capsules, the K47 and the M7. Likewise, the Heiserman H47tube is available with a choice of capsules, the HK47 and the HM7.

For most people, we think the HK47 capsule will be the best choice because it provides the most balanced tone, and is equally well suited for vintage and modern productions alike. For a more vintage tone, we offer the HM7 capsule, a supremely accurate reproduction of the famous M7 capsule. We recommend the HM7 for engineers who prefer a slightly rolled-off high frequency response.

The Circuit

The H47 Tube is true to the original circuit, and features 100% through-hole components. We tested countless transformers, tubes, capacitors, and resistors before settling on the final design.

-Exclusive custom made BV08 transformer
-NOS EF8XX Series Tube
-Sommer Tube Cable with custom connector
-NOS Mial Polystyrene Capacitor
-NOS Soviet Paper in Oil Capacitors
-Premium Ohmite Thick Film and KOA Speer Resistors

Each of these hand-selected components contributes to the beautiful tone of the H47tube, and we've spared no expense to ensure the absolute best performance and sound.

The Case

When it comes to microphones, it makes sense to emulate the vintage designs of the past -- they're tried and true, and they've been used on countless hit records. But not everything vintage is worth emulating. Case in point: the case. Why are we still putting expensive mics in wooden boxes with flimsy hinges that couldn't withstand a six inch fall? The H47 Tube ships in a Pelican case with custom molded foam. And it's not just any foam -- it's laser cut, cross-linked polyethylene (i.e. the fancy stuff). It's shockproof, waterproof, and also looks pretty darn good.

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Video Clips

Audio Clips

We compared the Heiserman H47tube with the most sought after vintage U47 from Blackbird Studio. There's no EQ whatsoever. The only processing is some light compression during tracking, and reverb.

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